Health benefits

Blueberry fruits are not only a great delicacy, but they are also tantamount to health and youth in their natural form. The berries are juicy, vinous, aromatic and sweet, and at the same time low-calorie. They contain plenty of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid. Our blue treasure owes its extraordinary properties to phytoestrogens and also to antioxidants. Phytoestrogens are responsible for destroying bad cholesterol (LDL), while antioxidants remove free radicals.

Eating blueberries protects you against cancer, civilization diseases and atherosclerosis. The anthocyanins responsible for the color of blueberries, improve the microcirculation in eye balls which helps to improve vision quality


An interesting fact for people who care about their looks is that now cosmetic laboratories are conducting research on developing anti-aging blueberry-based cosmetics.

Thanks to its unique properties, the blueberry is called


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