Technology and techniques

Out of our concern about the quality of our fruit throughout the whole blueberry plantation, we have established an irrigation and fertigation system, which ensures optimal conditions for the growth of these plants. Moreover, in order to maintain continuity of production and protect the fruit against rainfall, morning dew and fog as well as to prevent the development of fungal diseases,
a significant portion of the plantation has been covered by a system of waterproof plastic structures. To ensure the highest quality of blueberry fruits, they are subject to particular scrutiny when harvested by hand. Next, they are handled by our logistics team who quickly collect and transfer them to a cold storage.

In 2010, we extended our grading plant and the ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) cold storage, in which blueberry fruits are stored to extend their period of sale. Grading and packing is done with the use of computerized BBC lines equipped with Best Primus II sorters, and with the use of manual grading practices. 
Apart from typical agricultural machines and equipment, we also own a large set of specialized machines for acquiring forest chips, including a forwarder and a recycler. In addition, our work related to the maintenance of order on the plantation is supported by a unique technique for burning weed with fire.

The weather, our work depends on it!

For many years, extreme weather conditions such as hail and cold air masses kept us awake at night. However, in 2009, large losses suffered due to severe weather conditions inspired us to fight back. An investment in modern technology has proved an instant hit!

Fight against ground frost…

29 wind turbines supplied to the Farm by a company named Orchard-rite from across the ocean, turned out to be an answer to the question: what can be done to effectively protect the plantation? Thanks to the stationary wind turbines, we are able to raise the air temperature during spring frosts by up to 7°C. 
Since the time when these devices were placed in the plantation, we have been able to become much calmer in the knowledge that our plants are well cared for.  

Against hail…

Ten anti-hail cannons, two meteorological stations with a radar system and our fast actions—all these things are components of compatible protective headquarters securing the Farm against the destructive power of tempests. The purpose of issuing a shock wave is scattering a storm cloud or inhibition of its further expansion to proportions which could threaten the plantation.
What is important, the command: 'Fire!' is given by the means of a coded SMS text message, which makes the man-machine 'cooperation' very easy.

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